Kingdom of Heaven is a Lineage II server whose goal is to make you relive the best moments of this game. It is by forging alliances and traveling the world with your friends that you will succeed in becoming the hero of your dreams. On Kingdom of Heaven, you won’t find a GM Shop and you certainly risk breaking your weapons while trying to enchant them… But you will most certainly find friendship, mutual aid and… wars!

So? Are you one of those legendary warriors who fear nothing?


Kingdom of Heaven est un serveur Lineage II dont le but est de vous faire revivre les meilleurs moments de ce jeu. C’est en nouant des alliances et en parcourant le monde avec vos amis que vous réussirez à devenir le héros dont vous rêviez. Sur Kingdom of Heaven, vous ne trouverez pas de GM Shop et vous risquez certainement de casser vos armes en essayant de les enchanter… Mais vous trouverez sans aucun doute, de l’amitié, de l’entraide et… des guerres ! 

Alors? Faites-vous partie de ces guerriers légendaires qui n’ont peur de rien ?


French staff, international players
Whoever you are, you are welcome!


Normal Rate x1
Crafting Rate x1.5
No Spoil Lvl Restriction
No custom buffer
1 Box allowed
Offline Trade
Vote Rewards

KOH Team

Our project is not motivated by money
It is the passion of the game that drives us
All we want is to see you having fun on our server

Never Wipe

This is our line of conduct
We make every effort to preserve your progress

Less Rate
More FUN

Remember... There was a time when cooperation and friendship took precedence over everything else. We believe that it's not when you reach the level limit that you experience the pleasure of playing, but when you travel the world of Lineage II with your friends and enjoying every moment. Take time, we will never wipe !


To help us in our project, there are two methods. Voting and donations. The donation will allow you to change your account status and benefit from a small rate bonus

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